Computers & Technology

Computer Basics for PCs

This excellent series of courses from GFC Global offers an easy to follow and very well presented introduction to computers. Learn about your computer, how to use your mouse and keyboard effectively and loads of tips and tricks. These courses are perfect for the absolute beginner or for those of you who use a computer but are lacking the basic education that will make you tech time more efficient and enjoyable.

Computer Basics for Macs

This course from GFC Global will help you to get the most from your Mac.  You will learn to navigate and to use the Mac OS Operating System. You will learn what that means too!  Discover the best way to manage files and folders. Learn to adjust your settings and find out what settings may be best for you. Do you share your Mac with other family members? If so, you will want to review the lesson on setting up multiple user accounts on your Mac....and more!

Facebook for Beginners

We may be physically isolated for a time, but we don't have to be socially isolated altogether. Get social online by joining Facebook. Find out what your family and friends are up to while you can't get together. This course from GFC Global covers the ins and outs of this social media platform from creating an account to managing your settings, finding and following people and of course adding your own content. 

Keyboarding Skills

Do you hunt and peck your way around a keyboard? Learn to type quickly and properly with Peter's Online Typing Course. This website is dedicated to one thing only, teaching people to type well. Follow Peter's simple method from his introductory session through to all the fun exercises and you will be typing like lightning in no time at all!

Learn to Code

Have you mastered the basics of computers and are looking for a challenge? Why not learn to code? Coding is fun and gets your brain working just like learning any other language. What can you do with writing code? You could build a webpage, a database, an app or a game. Anything on your phone or computer was written with code. Codecademy is one of the best sites for code education. Beware though...there are free and paid levels of membership. The free level is so thorough on its own that you needn't pay for the advanced levels unless you are a very dedicated coding enthusiast.  For a totally free online coding school, visit W3Schools.  This site can take you from a complete novice to an expert level coder for absolutely no charge at all!

What's App?

You couldn't be living in the year 2020 without having heard the term app.  But do you know what an app is, how to use one or why on earth you might want one?  Take the mystery out of this tech term with these online lessons from GCF Global. This quick and simple course will have you in the know about 'what's app' in no time! 


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