Entertainment for the Mind


Learn and be entertained while you walk, cook, knit or relax. Podcasts are the new radio and they are great!  A podcast is an audio show that is available online free of charge...like YouTube for listening. Whether you like to listen to news, history or shows about your favourite hobbies such as fishing, cooking or anything else...there is a topic for you. 

Fun and Educational Apps

If you think that apps are only for millennials, selfies and social media, think again! Your smartphone can actually be used to make you smarter too. Get started putting your phone or tablet to work for you with our top five list of apps. If you aren't sure what an app is, or how to use one, we've got you covered. Check out our article, What's an App? to learn all about it.

The Arts at Home

The world has locked down but the arts community has opened up! Arts organizations across the globe are offering free online performances while we can't get out to see them in person. From ballet to opera, symphonies, movies and theatre...you won't be bored for ages!

About Us

Creative Retirement Manitoba is a not-for Profit Organization which has been providing educational programs to older adults for the past three decades.

Our mission is to enhance knowledge, health and quality of life for Manitobans as we age.


Our vision is to make lifelong learning a reality for all older Manitobans.

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