Online Fitness Classes

Could you use a little more cardio, strength training or flexibility in your life or body?  If so, check out this free online resource offered by professional fitness trainers. The website Fitness Blender allows you to easily choose the type of exercise and level that you are interested in.  You can then choose from a variety of videos which will walk you through the exercise of your choice. 

Online Yoga Classes

Whether you are an advanced yogi or can't even touch your toes, there is a free online yoga class for you. Youtuber Adriene must be doing something right with almost seven million followers. Take a peek through her videos where she categorizes her yoga sessions by their purpose, such as 'Yoga for a headache' or 'Yoga for stress relief'. Yome is a great website for all levels of yoga enthusiasts where you can sort the lessons by level, style, length and even just for seniors.  Similar to Yome, the website Do Yoga With Me also features videos which you may sort by many categories. While there are some paid content videos on this site, over half of their content is free of charge and excellent quality. 

Online Tai Chi Classes

Discover the multitude of health benefits and the relaxation achieved through Tai Chi practice. Actor and martial artist,  Jet Li has created a YouTube channel devoted to Tai Chi instruction with very well produced videos which feature clear and excellent instruction. Visit Taiji Zen to learn more.  A second Tai Chi instructor with excellent free content on YouTube is Dr. Paul Lam.  Dr. Lam is a family physician and Tai Chi expert who offers numerous videos for all levels. Remember, when searching these YouTube channels to sort by playlist in order to easily find the beginner, intermediate or advanced levels. 

Track your Walk and Learn on the Go

With spring weather finally arriving you might choose to stay healthy by going for a walk - alone! If you would like to track the steps you take, the distance, your route or the calories you burn, there's an app for that!  Try the Steps App Pedometer if you want to keep it simple and just track the number of steps that you take (only for iphone). Map my Walk is an app that gives you more options such as workout tracking. If you would like to learn on the go, check out the link below on listening to podcasts on Stitcher or i tunes. You must know how to install an app on your phone to use these tools.  Click the What's an App link below to learn more about apps. 

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