Introductory Language Lessons

Are you starting from scratch with a new language? Why not test it out with some free online lessons before taking the plunge with more in depth lessons? offers easy to follow and fun introductory to intermediate language study for a number of languages. 


University Level Language Lessons

For those of you who would like a greater language learning challenge, why not try out an online university level language course. The online learning platform, Coursera provides a number of links to free classes which range from beginner to advanced levels. 

Making Language Learning Fun

The website Duolingo has created a system to make language learning fun and effective.  The site takes you through a series of games and challenges which creatively help you to learn a new language while keeping score, winning, and advancing to the next level. They have 'gamed' language learning...and it is fun!

Learn Languages in a Flash

Do you think flashcard learning is boring? Then you have never tried Anki. This brilliant app will have you memorizing words, grammar and more in no time. Anki will keep track of your progress and you can even set the number of cards that you would like to learn or review each day. While Anki is amazing, it can be tricky to set up without a little help.  The website Fluent in 3 Months has an excellent tutorial on using Anki, just follow the steps here and you will be using the app in no time.

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