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Board of Directors


Board of Directors



Edward Sawatzky, President      David Lloyd,  Vice President                 Jim Roy, Past President  Glenn Aitchison, Treasurer         Angie Carfrae, Secretary




     Pat Jarrett            Judy Toews        Garnet Ward        Verly Zébière         

Creative Retirement Manitoba is a registered charity which has offered educational programs to seniors for over thirty years.

CRM is governed by a Board of Directors made up of volunteers from the community who are also members of the organization. The Board is responsible for overseeing the operations of CRM. Board members are elected annually to one or two year terms at the Annual General Meeting. In addition to the Board, volunteers can participate in one of several committees that report to the Board.



Executive Director


D'Arcy Mansell






    Donna Sprague, Elaine Primeau,  Verly Zébière


   Isabella Dryden, Lyle Lockhart, Elaine Primeau,  Gail Marchessault

Joan Nurse, Nathan Mitchell, Walter Kremers, Don Bailey

Norm Grywinski, W. Stephanson, Joan Clasen, Shirley Kulchishki

Ken Murdoch, John Graham, Gerri Burge, Judith Walker

Keith Bradley, Peter Stechishin, Jean McManus, Phillip Calver

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About Us

Creative Retirement Manitoba is a not-for Profit Organization which has been providing educational programs to older adults for the past three decades.

Our mission is to enhance knowledge, health and quality of life for Manitobans as we age.


Our vision is to make lifelong learning a reality for all older Manitobans.

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