Five Apps for Lifelong Learners

If you think that apps are only for millennials, selfies and social media, think again! Your smartphone can actually be used to make you smarter too. Get started putting your phone or tablet to work for you with our top five list below. If you aren't sure what an app is, or how to use one, we've got you covered. Check out our blog post What's an App? to learn all about it.

No. 1 - Libby

This amazing app is a can't miss! The Libby App will connect you to your local library and give you access to a huge variety of ebooks and of charge. Their website is easy to use and explains the process of using their app very clearly. All you need to get started is a library card from your local library. Learn More.

No. 2 - Google Arts and Culture

If you can't visit the great museums in person, why not visit them virtually? Take a guided tour of the British Museum, the Musee d'Orsay and more. This free app is filled with articles, lessons and all kinds of information on art and music. Learn More.

No. 3 - Star Chart

Carry a virtual planetarium in your pocket. This extraordinary app will have you mesmerized for hours and wanting to learn all about the mysterious night sky. Learn More.

No. 4 - World History Trivia Quiz

Just like its name suggests, this app will test your knowledge of world history. The timed quizzed will have you on your toes, mining your memory banks. Each correct answer will earn you a pop up with more detail on the historical issue in question. The link here claims that it is only for iphone and ipad...but, just go to google play on your android device, search for this app and you can install it on any device. Learn More.

No. 5 - The Smiling Mind

After all this learning, you might want to give your mind a rest. Try The Smiling Mind for a guided relaxation or meditative experience. This app will walk you through mindfulness meditations that create calm. Learn More.