Frauds and Scams in Manitoba

Every year in Manitoba millions of dollars are lost through frauds and scams. Thousands of people are victimized each year. All segments of the population are impacted, no one is immune from this type of crime and anyone can be a target.

Protect yourself by becoming aware of the various methods that criminals use to defraud the public.


Winnipeg Police Services - Frauds 2021

This in-depth video covers the most popular types of current mass market scams in Manitoba.

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Competition Bureau Canada

The Competition Bureau has created numerous videos which explain a wide variety of scams from subscription traps to phishing.

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James Veitch - Humour

Don't miss these funny videos from comedian James Veitch in which he tells us what happens when he answers email scammers.

Video 1

Video 2


Winnipeg Police Services

This webpage lists the most common scams in Manitoba and provides useful links, phone numbers and resources for dealing with scams and scammers.

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Government of Canada

This site covers everything from Covid-19 fraud to tax and real-estate fraud and more.

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Canada Anti-Fraud Centre

Fraud in Canada is so much more prevalent than most of us realize. This website explains the tactics, figures and stories behind fraud in Canada.

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