How to Zoom

Are your family and friends asking you to Zoom with them? Would you like to try out these video meetings but don't know how? It really is simple to learn if you have a good teacher. Thankfully there are a few excellent free tutorials online which will make learning to Zoom a breeze. I will link to a number of those below, but first...some basics.

What is Zoom anyway?

Using Zoom is like having a telephone conference, except it is on your computer instead of the phone. Although, if you prefer, there is an option to join a Zoom meeting by telephone instead of your computer. If you do take part in a Zoom meeting on your computer you can use video too, this way you can see everyone in the meeting in real time. Amazing! So, it's like a phone call, but you have to make sure your room is tidy and your hair is done. Oh, and it is free (at least the basic plan is free to use and that is sufficient for almost everyone).

So, How does it Work?

I'm sure that how it actually works is very complicated...but using Zoom is easy. Take a look at the links below, click through to the tutorials and you will be Zooming in no time!

Zoom's own Tutorials

Zoom has created some excellent easy to follow tutorials about their product. One benefit of learning to Zoom, from the creators of Zoom is that you can trust that every lesson will feature the most up to date version of their software.

For the Absolute Beginner

Click here to see Zoom's entire list of tutorials. Start with the prerequisites section and carry on to signing in and more.

Learn to Create your own Meeting

If you want to be in charge of a Zoom meeting you will want to learn to be a host. Don't be intimidated by this, it is very easy to create a meeting and invite your friends and family. Click here to see how it's done.