The Streets of Winnipeg

Enjoy this three part video series about the history of streets in Winnipeg.

In the beginning there were trails, then roads. Let's talk about the main ones and how they expanded our city. Driving across Winnipeg, have you ever realized that you are following in the footsteps of oxen pulling red river carts, or traders and settlers building a life in the new world? Join historian Greg Agnew for this fascinating look at the history of some of Winnipeg’s oldest streets.


Presenter Greg Agnew has been doing research about our city since the 1990's while trying to save the Metropolitan Theatre from the wrecking ball. He joined Heritage Winnipeg at that time and became a Board member 5 years ago. He has been speaking about Manitoba's history for over 20 years and has given over 50 presentations a year to local history lovers in organizations throughout Winnipeg. Greg loves to do research and to educate others on our fascinating past.

WATCH: The Streets of Winnipeg: Part I

WATCH: The Streets of Winnipeg: Part II

WATCH: The Streets of Winnipeg: Part III

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