UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Enjoy this four part video series on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The heritage sites that are protected by UNESCO are fascinating places to visit, even virtually. We can learn so much about each country by seeing these cultural and natural sites. This visit will include Korea (Sansa Monastery, villages of Hahoe and Yangdong), Phillipines (Baroque churches, Vigan), Cuba (Old Havana, Santiago de Cuba Castle), Costa Rica (Cocos Island, stone spheres of the Diquis), Nepal (Katmandu Valley, Lumbini), Sri Lanka (City of Kandy, Sinharaja Forest Reserve), Pakistan (Lahore), Iceland (Vatmajokul National Park), Iraq (Babylon), Iran (Persepolis, Persian Garden), Ukraine (cities of Kiev and Lviv), Hungary (Budapest, Tokay Wine Region), Belarus (complex of Radziwill Family at Neswigh, Biolowieza Forest), Luxembourg (old quarters and fortifications), and other areas and sites. Join us as we virtually explore these unique and fascinating world sites.


Susan Moffatt has degrees from The University of Winnipeg and The School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, England. Over the years, she has taught a creative span of art history courses, that include The Art Survey through African, Contemporary, both Dutch and Italian Renaissance, Art Between the Wars, Manitoba and Canadian Art, Prehistoric Art, Impressionism, Art Nouveau/Art Deco, and others. Her other interests include heritage buildings. She is a member of the Friends of Dalnavert Board and has been associated with Dalnavert since its inception as a museum in 1974. She has also worked for the University of Manitoba (School of Art), the Winnipeg Art Gallery, and the Manitoba Museum.

WATCH: UNESCO World Heritage Sites Part I

WATCH: UNESCO World Heritage Sites Part II

WATCH: UNESCO World Heritage Sites Part III

WATCH: UNESCO World Heritage Sites Part IV

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