Virtual Meditations

Whether you are a seasoned meditator or a beginner, these seven guided visualizations are designed to lift your spirits, help keep you grounded and give you a tool for self-care and good mental health.

Each meditation begins with a brief set of audio instructions followed by a short visualization of approximately 5 to 10 minutes. You’ll find prompts to guide you through the entire journey.

You can experience these meditations in which ever order you like and return to your favorites as often as you like. Light a candle if you wish, find a quiet spot to sit in, and let yourself be transported to a place of stillness and peace.

The themes of the meditations are:

1. Breathing

2. Smiling

3. Mandala

4. Recharging

5. Self-Care

6. Rejuvenating

7. Resilience

These meditations were created specifically for Creative Retirement Manitoba by Marianne Farag. We thank Marianne for generously donating her time and expertise by volunteering to create these mediations for CRM.

Marianne has worked with people who seek self-awareness, self-empowerment and joy in their personal and work life. With over 20 years of leading and teaching meditation, training in Applied Counselling and Reiki, volunteer service with non-profit boards, and a career in senior positions in the public sector, she draws on the disciplines of psychology, spirituality, leadership, change management, and performance outcomes, in carrying out her work.

To view these meditations visit the links on Marianne's website here.