World History - A Deeper Dive

For those of you who would like to discover the past in a more thorough manner, at a university level, Coursera is the site for you. With courses on a wide range of historical topics from reputable universities, you are sure to find an exceptional quality of education on an era that excites you.  How about Magic in the Middle Ages or Roman Architecture for a start? Those of you more interested in the modern world might want to look at courses on Terrorism or Global Diplomacy. You can take take these courses free of charge or pay for a certificate, just select Full Course - No Certificate option when you enroll for each course. Be sure to use the site's search bar to look for more esoteric topics that you are passionate about, since not every course appears in the popular listings.  A search on Japan (my personal obsession) led me to an amazing course from the University of Tokyo on Visual and Literary Culture in 19th Century Japan. There's my spring sorted, how about yours?