Ageing Well

Ageing Well

Ageing well isn’t just about luck or genetics, this presentation will touch base on healthy living for older adults.  You could be considering your own needs, or those of an ageing parent. We will look at the importance of exercise and eating well to fuel the body. Learn about the importance of Vitamin D and calcium as our bones become less dense and the risk of fracture is increased. On that note, fall prevention is something that we will look at, discussing tips on how to make your home safe.  Learn about  the tools that can help you remain independent such as  HC, walkers, and Lifeline. Accepting  a tool when you need it will give you the ability to remain independent anddoes not mean that you are no longer independent. Join this presentation on ageing and bring your own questions for an expert answer.


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Time:       1:00 am to 2:00 am

Days:       Monday

Dates:     February 22, 2021


Please note that due to Covid-19 related safety regulations, this class will meet online.


All registrants will receive a link to the online class the morning of the class.

  • About the Presenter:

    Vicki Russenholt is the Education Facilitator at Victoria Lifeline.




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