This is an opportunity to listen, learn and share views in a supportive atmosphere with people that are curious and enjoy engaging in seriously fun discussions. Often it is difficult to find opportunities to have engaging conversations about artistic/scientific/historical or otherwise potentially interesting topics. Harvey Zahn will spend a brief yet important time introducing the Art of Conversation to help promote a successful discussion environment. There is an opportunity to discuss two topics for approximately 50 minutes each.


Participants will have ample time to listen as well as express their views by being in small groups of 3 or 4, as well as rotating to converse with others during the second topic.


Prompts: Background notes will be available as a focus for conversation when you sign up. They will also be available in PowerPoint during the sessions You are welcome and encouraged to print them as reference.


Facilitator: Harvey Zahn is an educator who has taught in the public-school system for 38 years. He has a B.PE, B. ED, and M.ED.


FEE: Members $50/Guest $65

DATE: 3 Wednesdays, February 19 - March 4

TIME: 1:00-3:00

Hot Topics 2020- Art of Conversation