When we focus our thoughts and intentions on manifesting a particular outcome, we are practicing a form of prayer! Much scientific research has been done on the practice of prayer – i.e., focussing intentions on a particular outcome. During this two-part roundtable format, scientific research findings will be shared, and with the aid of a series of quotes, we will discuss a number of topics related to prayer including: the meaning of prayer, the role of prayer in our lives, forms of prayer, directing prayer at the self versus others. Come share your perspective at what promises to be a stimulating and thought-provoking exchange!



Marianne Farag is a speaker, author and teacher on topics of personal growth and transformation focussed on building inner peace. She has over twenty years of experience in teaching Meditation and Mindfulness, and qualifications in Applied Counselling, and Reiki.


FEES: Members $40 / Guests $50

DATES: 2 Thursdays: March 5 - 12

TIME: 1:00 - 3:00



Manifesting Intentions


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