What place does giving occupy in your life? Is there such a thing as right giving and wrong giving? Can one be too giving? This session will explore the subject of what it means to be a Gifted Giver both in terms of giving aimed at yourself as well as others, and how to practice each in meaningful and purposeful ways. Personal fulfillment and well-being flows from being a Gifted Giver. This will be an interactive workshop with lots of opportunity for reflection, discussion and transformation.


Presenter: Marianne Farag is a speaker, author and teacher on topics of personal growth and transformation focussed on building inner peace. She has over twenty years of experience in teaching Meditation and Mindfulness, and has qualifications in Applied Counselling, and Reiki.


FEES: Members $20 / Guests $25

DATE: Tuesday, February 18

TIME: 1:00 - 3:00

The Gifted Giver