Learn about the Centennial of the End of the Civil Wars in the former Russian Empire. In the early 20th century, the Empire of the Romanovs faced many challenges.

In March of 1917, in the middle of the murderous World War l, the monarchy fell. A new, democratic and reorganized Russia seemed possible but people were seduced by the illusions offered by the Bolsheviks. What followed was 3 years of civil wars, attempts at separation by different nationalities, epidemics, summary executions and starvation. Why were the Bolsheviks successful, what were the mistakes made by their enemies and what is the historical significance of this development for the entire world?


PRESENTER: Olexandr Shevchenko is an educator and historian. He has studied worldwide and earned a PhD in History as well as a Diploma of Specialist in History from the Vernadsky Tavria National University in Simferopol, Ukraine.


FEES: Members $15 / Guests $20

DATE: Tuesday, February 25

TIME: 1:00 - 2:30 

When the Reds Triumphed