Health care costs are skyrocketing. Or so we are told. Millions of Canadians are taking medication for high cholesterol, low blood pressure, low bone density, and countless other ailments (real and imagined)? Do we take too many tests and swallow too many pills for our own good? How did medicine become so much like an assembly line, has modern medicine lost its soul?


PRESENTER: Professor Schafer is the Founding Director of the Centre for Professional and Applied Ethics, at the U of M is a Full Professor in the Department of Philosophy and an Ethics Consultant for the WRHA. For ten years he was Head of the Section of Bio-Medical Ethics in the Faculty of Medicine of the U of MB. He has served as Visiting Scholar at Green College, Oxford.


FEES:     Members $15 / Guests $20

DATE:   Tuesday, April 7

TIME:    1:00 - 2:30


Where Did Modern Medicine Go Wrong?