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Exploring the Afterlife

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Program Description

Learn About Heaven Without Dying to Get There. Are you fascinated by accounts of life after death? Learn about past life memories, visions, near death experience, ghosts (how they are formed and how to help them move to the Light), communication with deceased loved ones, near death awareness ... and more. Anna Olson has been interested in metaphysics, the world of the unseen, for close to 30 years. She has learned through listening to others' stories, her own mystical experiences, and study. Anna will lead a talk/discussion on: * Out of Body Experience * Near Death Experience * Near Death Awareness * After Death Communication * Ghosts * Past Life Memories There will be a short presentation on each topic. Participants will be invited to ask questions, tell about their experience — or sit back and enjoy hearing other’s stories. SCHEDULE DAY: Thursday DATE: June 2 TIME: 10:00 to 11:30 AM LOCATION: This is an online class. You will receive a Zoom link with your confirmation email after you register.. ABOUT THE PRESENTER Anna Olson is the author of Exploring the Mysteries of Life & Death. She is a writer, editor, and workshop leader. Many years ago she became interested in the subject of metaphysics (meaning “beyond the physical”). She read books and articles, talked to psychics about what they saw and heard, and shared my experiences. Anna believes it’s important to talk about these topics so we understand what is happening with loved ones before, during, and after they pass away. It will help us as well because at some point we will all “pass through the veil to the other side."

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