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Re-evaluating Relationships post-Covid

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The last two years have been difficult for all of us. Restricted freedoms and incredible stress have contributed to considerable mental illness and related issues, including damage to our relationships. One of the biggest challenges has been differing beliefs have been splitting families, friends, and communities as people respond to stress differently. Polarizing concerns range from infringement of rights over responsibilities for protecting the community, science vs opinion, fragile health systems and economies, isolation, financial woes and change of environmental structures, like workplaces and schools. This polarization has added to our already negative thoughts and behaviour. For decades, we have been spoiled by the perception of a relatively safe world. As we see our ‘control’ evaporate, it’s very easy to become confused and overwhelmed. This course is for anyone as we take an honest but compassionate look at ourselves and our relationships using Emotional Intelligence and other programs to understand our stress, stressors, and our responses to others. Being able to recognize when things are not going well, identify and control our emotions. Having the tools to correct or eliminate unwanted communication or behaviour makes a person emotionally intelligent. SCHEDULE DAY: Three Wednesdays DATE: June 1 to June 15 TIME: 1:00 to 3:00 PM THIS IS AN ONLINE CLASS. You will receive a link to the Zoom sessions by email after you register. ABOUT THE PRESENTER Patricia Lloyd enjoyed 27 years in the educational system as an educational assistant, tutor, union leader and life coach. Successfully supporting children with many types of needs requires the ability to build rapport and trust. She developed ways for children (all ages and abilities) to feel good about being part of a community and be empowered to learn. Pat has training in Emotional Intelligence, Neurolinguistic Programming, Positive Discipline, Mental Health First Aid, WEVAS, Learning Styles, Health & Safety, Toxic Workplaces, Intergenerational Employment.

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