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The Conversation Project

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This gathering will provide opportunities to listen, learn and share views in a supportive atmosphere with people that are curious and enjoy engaging in seriously fun discussions on a variety of topics. Once I was asked, "Do you like to talk about things, people or ideas?" My answer was IDEAS! Not that discussing a story about a friend or our new gadget is necessarily a bad thing. However, often it is difficult to find opportunities to have engaging conversations about artistic/scientific/historical or otherwise potentially interesting topics. This place gives you that opportunity! Knowledge on topics is not a prerequisite. The Topic is not as important as is the 'Act of Engagement.' Participants will have ample time to listen as well as express their views. Prompts: A series of detailed background notes will be available as a focus for conversation when you sign up. They will be available on the Creative Retirement website Session #1 : Religion / Atheism Session #2 : Patriarchy Session #3 : Death SCHEDULE DAY: Three Thursdays DATE: May 5 to May 19 TIME: 1:00 to 3:00 pm THIS IS AN ONLINE CLASS You will receive a Zoom link with your confirmation email after you register. ABOUT THE PRESENTER Harvey Zahn is a retired educator who taught in the public school system for 38 years. He holds a B.PE, B.ED, and M.ED. and has a particular interest in mass participation and communication.

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